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As a demo case, a small & relatively simple building was devised, having 10 storeys and three by three spans.
Other structural attributes lượt thích the number of storeys or the number of bedrooms & garages exert a positive effect on housing prices; their coefficients are precisely estimated.
The house was long và of no great depth, the front a series of six rooms ranged in a row, without an upper storey.
All the other entrances--excepting the great gateway which is never opened--are in the lower storey.
He reached the huge cavern in which the motionless power-generator towered storeys high toward a light-laced ceiling.
The flats were comfortable, but not absurdly expensive, and their inmates climbed stairs cheerfully; at most, they had only khổng lồ mount khổng lồ a second storey.
Their present abode was a little rough-cast storey-and-a-half house, consisting of a main building và an addition.
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