a series of television or radio programmes about the lives và problems of a particular group of characters. The series continues over a long period và is broadcast (several times) every week.

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a television program, usually broadcast five days a week, about the lives of a particular group of characters
Some of the critics said that it was a bit of a soap opera, and yet you had some very good audiences.
The key question, whether in a soap opera or a football match, a quiz or a cop show is what happens next.
Repetition is thus an inherent aspect of the meaningfulness of soap opera, & therefore it is also a significant way in which meaning is articulated through television"s dominant narrative forms.
The subjective nature of this reference is palpably evident in the presence of the adjective dismal as well as of the compound noun epithet soap opera within the expression used.
The truyền thông could assist by factual reporting of the serious substance of our debates rather than portraying politics as a celebrity-driven soap opera.
We are now offered the prospect of documentary mountains và soap opera lakes simply lớn meet some daft & rigid quota system.
I agree with that, but a more insidious và troubling problem is caused less by drama and more by soap opera.
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in tennis or volleyball, a powerful downward hit that sends the ball forcefully over the net

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