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Fiscal policy was another matter, và drew renewed official interest as economic activity in the colonies increased after 1936.
Although not associated with solo song in the intermedi, the instrument"s usage is significant since it points lớn the renewed interest in chordal sonorities.
Second, the senate, the members of which served for nine years with the body toàn thân renewed every three, remained untouched by the reform.
I have also signalled those renewed efforts lớn study the institutional history of the suffrage in the region.
In the final analysis, a renewed focus on ecological democracy could potentially lead to lớn healthier environments & a more satisfied & engaged citizenry.
The state has to lớn be mended, augmented, relegitimised và renewed periodically ; institutionbuilding is an endless process.
The second and perhaps most important feature of a renewed concept of complexity is the necessity lớn relate the external to the internal complexity.
Second, notice that the renewed height is partial rather than complete reset in being significantly lower than either the utterance-initial peak or the upstepped peak.
When this stage is reached, the renewed growth in the supply of educated labor drives the education premium down again.
In addition to lớn the language syllabus, there was a renewed interest in the skills, but for contextualized communication.
What holds them together is the act of retelling, the production"s assertion that theatrical practice re-creates the work và renews its history.
Trained midwives had difficulty throughout the inter-war period in obtaining replacement drugs and renewing their equipment.

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Although these renewed efforts at control were no more effective than the half-hearted ones that preceded them, their impact on individual lives was often disastrous.
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