Red meat là gì


beat the meat

beat the meat Masturbate, as in He was always beating the meat. This term, considered vulgar slang, is used for males, since it uses meat in the sense of “penis,” a usage dating from the late 1500s.

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beat the meat|beat|meat

v. Phr., vulgar, avoidable to lớn masturbate (said primarily of men). "So what did you bởi vì for sex in prison for seven years?" Joe asked. "Well, unless you want to lớn become gay, you can beat the meat & that"s about it," Max answered.

beat your meat

to jack off, to masturbate

dead meat

finished, terminated, done for If you"re caught driving drunk in Sweden, you"re dead meat.

make mincemeat (out) of|make|make micemeat out of|

v. Phr. Khổng lồ destroy completely. The defense attorney made mincemeat of the prosecution"s argument.

make mincemeat of

defeat badly, demolish, blow them away The heavyweight champ made mincemeat of the young boxer.

make mincemeat out of

Idiom(s): make hamburger out of someone or something and make mincemeat out of someone or something
Theme: OVERCOME khổng lồ beat up or overcome someone or something. (Slang.)• Stop acting silly, or I"ll make hamburger out of you.• Our team made mincemeat out of the other team.


In addition to lớn the idioms beginning with meat, also see beat the meat; one man"s meat is another man"s poison. * * * - meat and drink khổng lồ one - meat and potatoes

Meat và drink

If something is meat và drink to lớn you, you enjoy it and are naturally good at it, though many find it difficult.

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meat & drink lớn one

meat and drink lớn one
A source of great satisfaction or delight, as in Good music is meat and drink lớn her. This metaphoric expression, transferring basic sustenance lớn satisfaction, appeared as early as 1533, in John Frith"s A Boke Answering unto Mr. Mores Letter: “It is meat & drink to this child lớn play.”

Meat và potatoes

The meat and potatoes is the most important part of something. A meat và potatoes person is someone who prefers plain things lớn fancy ones.


Idiom(s): meat-and-potatoes
Theme: BASICbasic, sturdy, và hearty. (Often refers to lớn a robust person, usually a man, with simple tastes in food và other things. Fixed order.)• Fred was your meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. No creamy sauces for him.• There is no point in trying khổng lồ cook up something special for the Wilsons. They are strictly meat-and-potatoes.


n., slang A dull, boring, slow-witted, or uninteresting person. You"ll never get an interesting story out of that meatball stop inviting him.


see make mincemeat of.

one man"s meat is another man"s poison

one person likes what another person hates, lớn each his own "Some people love his music; others hate it. One man"s meat is another man"s poison."

One man"s meat is another man"s poison.

What works positively for one person may be harmful lớn another.

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one man"s meat is another man"s poison|man|meat|on

What is good for one person is not necessarily good for another. A proverb, Even though Jeff likes lớn swim in ice cold water, his brother Tun hates it. This is understandable, however, because one"s man"s meat is another man"s poison. Antonym: WHAT"S SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE IS SAUCE FOR THE GANDER.

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