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The use of regression models, such as multilevel modeling, potentially provides a rigorous means of modeling variation in cost-effectiveness between centers or countries (13).
Observation & interviews with the children và the classroom teachers were used as a means to lớn gather data on the potentially psychological impact of singing.
These obvious gender differences in societal roles may potentially translate into gender differences in the sources of social support.
Since these three themes were undoubtedly the most novel & potentially the most interesting, they are presented in more detail below.
Diseases are consequently a potentially important contributor lớn yield collapse, especially as rapeseed area has tended to increase.
Language can no longer be construed simply as a medium, relatively or potentially transparent, for the representation or expression of a reality outside itself.
By fine-scaled it is meant that the length scale of the turbulence should be small compared lớn the wavelength of potentially unstable modes.
It is also unlikely that appreciable numbers of students in arts-based subjects potentially able lớn tongue-roll had not yet learned to vì so.
Since the human samples available for analysis are non-viable discarded material, they are potentially compromised.
Rather, they focus on the idea that mental images represent potentially visible token individuals or small sets of individuals.
Another, potentially bigger benefit is that the inference can make program code robust against changes of types.
Four points suggested by the material above are potentially useful towards meeting these larger objectives.
khổng lồ them, trying something unproven, potentially risky, but also potentially beneficial seemed reasonable.
The signal received by an agent on any particular date is private and potentially different from the signals received by others.

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a style in art, design, và theatre that uses the smallest range of materials and colours possible, and only very simple shapes or forms

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