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to stay alive by getting enough money to pay for food, a home, clothing, etc., or lớn stay alive by eating a particular food:
(of a performance) shown or broadcast khổng lồ people watching or listening as it is happening, rather than being recorded to be shown or broadcast later:
live broadcasts/coverage/discussions We try out ideas on thousands of customers at once, using live discussions or instant customer surveys.
Theoretically it should be possible khổng lồ have the shofar music performed live by a minimum of three shofar players.
Thus, it is possible that the individuals discussed in this article formed single-person households for the purposes of taxation, but physically lived with other people.
In general, little is known about those living on the margins of society during this period, especially in the rural regions.
The performances of all these works are very fine, the result of good preparation in live performance & sympathy with the very diverse styles involved.
Of the blastocysts transferred to pseudopregnant mice, 51.3% (20/36) implanted and 33.4% (12/36) developed to live fetuses in the mitochondria-damaged group.
He visited rural villages và witnessed how the different groups lived in close proximity to one another.
The number of breathless people is increasing as patients with all types of cardio-respiratory disease live longer.
Whether these are generalizable to healthier male và female populations living in the community and from age seventy is uncertain.
Thirty or forty families would be the most that could live together, that is, about 140 or 150 persons.
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in sports such as tennis, khổng lồ hit the ball to the other player as a way of starting the game

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